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MATLAB – Lift, Gamma, Gain LUT Generator

Last semester, I wrote a series of Matlab functions that help to visualize the effects that a standard Lift, Gamma, Gain color correction operation has on a standard one dimensional LUT.

Running the function `lgm_runtime.m` runs the head function and generates a standard, 1D unity LUT, as seen below.


Although it looks like there is no Unity LUT because there is only a red line – rest assured, this is merely because the Unity LUT and the generated LUT are exactly the same and the red line sits on top of the blue Unity line. This will be corrected in an updated bug fix. As the user either increases or decreases the Lift, Gamma or Gain, the function will update itself to reflect the influences of the users decisions. Values exceeding the mapped values of 1.0 will be clipped, in accordance with standard color science procedure.

Example of adjusted LUT curve

Example of adjusted LUT curve



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