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MPS Shootout

This page is dedicated to the findings of our third year motion picture science shootout conducted at RIT! The scope of the project was very, very large, and as a result, our team’s analysis was required to be delivered in two different methods of delivery. This first is a twenty minute, professionally produced video outlining our findings in a way that is easy to understand, relevant and informative to members of the film world both here at RIT and beyond. The second portion of the analysis is a lengthy, engineering spec paper.


Video Analysis

This is the video portion of the Third Year RIT Motion Picture Science Camera Shootout. Our team chose to pit the SONY FS700 and the Arri ARRIFLEX D-21 against each other in a head to head competition to determine which system is truly superior for student use at RIT.

The SONY was tested using HD Video Mode for all of the tests as well as some 4K RAW capture for a select portion of the testing. The Arri D-21 was shot in ARRIRAW for all of the testing.

This video compares noise, color reproduction, skin tone reproduction, sharpness, aliasing and MTF as well as a host of other image details throughtout a variety of scenes. Our camera crew consisted of Carly Cerquone, David Villareal, Matt Bernstein and Jordan Westhoff (myself).

The video follows in the theme of the crime drama Law and Order. All shooting done at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Jordan Westhoff — DIT, Image Processing, ARRI Division
Matt Bernstein — Editor, Cinematographer, ARRI Division
Carly Cerquone — Compositor, Production Lead, FS700 Division
David Villareal — Editor, Cinematographer, FS700 Division


Formal Analysis

In addition to a video analysis, our team was responsible for contributing to and composing a formal engineering document as well. While the intent of the video was to convey our findings in a relevant and easily understood method to members of the general community and the film school, the paper is significantly more complicated and is written from an engineering state of mind. Carly, Matt and David were contributors in part to the paper as well. The document contains all of our findings, workflows, edit treatments and a wide array of other information and can be found here -> MPS 3rd Year Shootout Analysis Doc.


This also points to the full shootout document.

This also points to the full shootout document.



Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes: Sony 4K RAW



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