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Senior Thesis Project – RIT B.S.

This page is dedicated to housing information, updates and a host of other types of information regarding my senior thesis project in pursuit of fulfillment of my Bachelors of Science degree at RIT.

Earlier this month, on May 14th, my senior thesis project proposal was defended in front of a committee and unanimously passed. I have chosen to pursue the research and engineering of a cinema system that takes 4K RAW cinema datacam information and processes it, delivering processed RAW footage and multi-resolution edit-friendly proxies in a manner approaching realtime. This will be accomplished via the combination of open source software and parallel computing.

This will serve as the landing page for updates, project photos and other information regarding the project as it progresses through its stages of research, engineering and implementation.


External Source to Follow

GitHub Wiki Page


Cluster Statistics Page 

Cerberus Cluster Page



June 4th, 2014 – Some new computers to try

 July 9th, 2014 – New Servers, Testing and Accelerated Deployment




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