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Recently, given the massive expansion of internet interest in crypto currency, I decided to start to explore the concept and application of “mining”. This process refers to the massive application of CPU or GPU power to determine and calculate very large numerical strings that can be used as currency across the internet. 

Since I run far more computing equipment than I do graphics work, I decided to go with Primecoin (XPM) and devote a significant amount of my computing resources for a day to the process and see what I could accomplish. The task overall wasn’t too complicated, after the creation of an account at to get started (this was the pool that I decided to pick for simplicity’s sale) all I had to do was download a couple applications and get going! After downloading one of the more efficient miners <jhPrimeMiner T17v8> it was a simple matter of editing a couple Windows Batch files and slaving the units to my Ypool.Net account. This is what my setup looks like on screen now when mining at full bore.


Snapshot of my desktop while CPU mining Primecoins

Here you can see that the miner is running in the command prompt under administrator. Task manager reports that each of my PowerEdge Xeon cores are running at full throttle which is actually surprising given the individual core temperatures reported by my CoreTemp utility. Since this is an enterprise level machine, cooling turns out to be the least of my worries, which was one of my biggest concerns going into the operation. In addition to this machine, I have three other machines slaved so we will see how profitable it becomes!

Got any questions about mining? Leave them in the comments section below!


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