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FreeNAS Adventure!

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After a full day of work with RIT and a client of mine yesterday, I sat down in the evening and began work on one of the projects I’ve been planning for a while. 

Contrary to my initial goals, I decided to convert one of my Dell CS rack servers to a FreeNAS server instead of using the NZXT case that I had. This is because once racked, the unit has far better network connections (quad gigabit NIC!) and around the clock uptime since they are hosted from a datacenter and live under redundant power and power supply backups!

FreeNAS is an awesome software distribution I’ve used pretty frequently in the past, but with the update to Version 8, a lot of new features are available making it one of the most versatile systems to date. 

Once burned to a USB drive in a live ISO form, I was able to smoothly progress through the install phase! I chose to ran the new version with the ZFS+ file system, since the Dell server unit I have utilizes dual quad core Xeon’s and has 16gb of RAM. 

After the install, a beautiful interface was presented. Pretty impressive is that the system idle’s at %99.96 idle CPU load. Combined with 8tb of storage and I’d say we have a solid serving platform, accessible from Apple OS X, Windows and UNIX!





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