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Breaking into Wikipedia!

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Last semester, as a final course term paper for a class at RIT called Color Science, it was required of each student to generate and research information on a given topic and then present it in the form of a Wikipedia page!

Well, I recently got work from the Wikipedia Daemon that the page I submitted for my final was approved, and is now publicly available on Wikipedia! While the assignment itself made little to no sense, it is now properly published and looks pretty schnazzy if I do say so myself! One of the major hangups of dealing with Wikipedia is their use of Markup publishing language and their strict commons and user uploaded image policies. This wasn’t really apparent to our professor at the time, so in stead of simply publishing a professional paper in LaTeX or Word, each student had to spend a significant amount of time learning and adapting to Wikipedia’s publishing policies. As a result, many were removed immediately and few made it through the moderation process, so it’s really cool to see that this one made it through to be published!

The Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hues Color Vision Test, by Jordan Westhoff on Wikipedia




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