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Vacation Sum-Up

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Hey people!

As I’m sure you’re well aware, it’s finally summer. (At least in New England, we think), and summer means vacation! Vacation, we did!

Directly after getting back from my freshman year at RIT, we departed for the lovely Orlando, Florida, for twelve days in the lovely sun. I was the typical tourist, we went to the typical tourist places and it was a load of fun! The general agenda included Disney’s Magic Kingdom (twice!), Anheiser Busch Seaworld (also twice, eeep!), Disney Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Typhoon Lagoon. Weather was awesome, it was good to spend time with the family, vacation was great.

However, I decided to embark on a little experiment.

I planned, as I always do, to take photos on the vacation. This time, however, I did it with a little twist. I brought along only three pieces of tech this time.

  • MacBook Pro
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH20 14mp/8x Optical Point and Shoot Camera
  • 32 GB class 10 – SanDisk Extreme SD card.

Yes, that’s right. No fancy DSLR’s, no pretty glass and no speed lights. The goal of my experiment was to see just how much detail could be pulled from a single point and shoot camera with a fairly large sensor integrated. Props to Panasonic, I was beyond pleased with the results! The particular Lumix I was packing contains a single 1/3″ 14MP CMOS sensor and integrated 8x lens. Color was good, detail was fabulous and the sharpness of the lens was fairly satisfactory overall. All images were cropped, matted and processed within Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, one of my favorite library softwares to date.
So, if you haven’t checked out the photos, go dig them here! For the embedded images, click through to see the full raw, unscaled images. Yours truly has to do a little more coding to get native aspect ratios in posts ;)

I’ll be uploading more here as they get processed, stay on the lookout! Have an awesome summer ladies and gents!


Update: Fixed those rascally images. Go here to see the rest!


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