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2011 was pretty sweet!

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As much as I bash it, I made some real progress with my life.

  • Two week cruise in the Caribbean with my grandparents on my mother’s side. I’ve never had so much fun, and it was a great time for us to all spend time together. While on the cruise, I got my acceptance letter to RIT, which was the best ever.
  • Week in Utah skiing with my grandparents on my fathers side. Also an amazing experience. I’ve never felt so free, standing at the summit of a mountain, roughly 2 miles above sea level. I’ve never gone so fast, or felt so alive.
  • Finished my high school lacrosse career. Lacrosse has always been my outlet to burn stress, anger and frustration. I miss my lax bros and I miss the coaches, who poured so much good into my life. I finished the season as a captain and legitimately beat the daylight out of one or two guys, so that’s always good too.
  • Started working full time. Granted, I’d had other full time summer jobs, but they were all dirty work, strong work, work that puts hair on your chest. Those were all good, but this was a real job. I had worked for a ministry as an intern and volunteer for over a year and they hired me to join their full time staff until I left for Rochester in the fall. With that came a new desk, tons of super powerful computers and the title of Director Of Video Operations. For the next 6 months I ran the department and had a blast. In July, I made my first official business trip to Dallas, Texas to provide support to our newly planted Dallas Campus. I woke up on a Friday morning and finally went to sleep the following Sunday, successfully setting up a server network and allowing CLFWC Dallas to stream their first fully-functional service to our hub in New England, to be viewed that very day. After working for 43 hours straight and not sleeping for over 60, I flew back Monday to sleep, then continue working.
  • Come September, I was forced to cut my hours at CLFWC in order to make the move to Rochester to start academic study at RIT. I love my classes and couldn’t love living there more.
  • I also accomplished my first freelance wedding job, and can say that it was an amazing experience, but I won’t be doing another one of those again for at least a little while. Fun to film, exhausting to edit and organize.
  • End of December, I was officially dismissed from my part time duties at CLFWC, due to some recent personnel additions and a slump in the demand for archiving and web streaming. Nothing bad, simply an opportunity to start somewhere new and see what I can accomplish. I’m thinking Apple, perhaps. Or maybe something a bit more prestigious. Who knows, it’s a new year after all!
  • Put dual drive in my MacBook Pro, as you all know. AND ITS AWESOME.

I appreciate all of you that follow my work and read this blog, I really do! Keep reading and check back to see what’s up! I have a lot of cool projects planned for 2012, I can’t wait to share them with you!


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