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Two more days!

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Then I can finish putting dual hard drives in my MacBook Pro! I used to work off of a single 500gb Seagate Momentus 7200 rpm hard disk drive for editing and graphics work, which was speedy for sure! Now however, I have removed the SuperDrive CD/DVD optical drive and with the help of Amazon and a little eyeballing, it is being replaced with an OCZ Vertex III super duper solid state drive! I’ve done all of the drive maintenance and installs and let me tell you, this baby is zippy! After 5 days of solid use, my MacBook Pro boots in about 5 seconds consistently. Mind you, this is fully loaded, Adobe Creative Suite 5.5, Final Cut Pro Studio HD – the works. I’ll keep blogging and post some photos when the final logic board connector comes in and Franken-laptop lives!


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