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Flickr, Chrome and Golden Oven Toasted Popcorn Shrimp

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Hey all,

This has been a pretty busy week, but I have a lot to share!  As you all know, I’ve been experimenting lately between the popular web browsers Mozilla Firefox. Instead of using tutorials and manuals, I figured that I would use both and figure them out for myself. After about a solid month of testing, we have a winner! Although I am a huge fan of Firefox 4, I decided to stick with Chrome. Both have similar features, but Chrome was just a bit faster and lighter in the memory department. For some odd reason, Firefox 4 has a rather large memory leak and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice 400mb’s of my RAM just for web browsing. Chrome also seemed to be faster, and a lot of my benchmarking backed that up.  Chrome it is!

In other news, my Flickr! account just hit 1K views! Thanks for all of your support and browsing folks, it’s always good to see your media being seen by a wide audience. My next goal is to hit 5K hits in the next week. I’ll keep you all posted, but in the meantime tell your friends! Go did the photostream here.

And the shrimp? Yeah, it was kind of a craving and it just came out of the oven. NOM.

Catch y’all later!


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