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WPI Shenanigans and My Weekend Away

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Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of blogging this weekend, I was actually away doing something productive with my time.  Went up and visited the Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and it was a real trip! I’m a pretty nerdy guy so I had a real blast meeting other, much more intelligent people than myself and seeing the sights. Oh, and watching Despicable Me, being a laxbro, eating the best Moroccan food on the planet, wopinopnopinopgop’ing and being a college student for a weekend.

I can’t wait to go away to college. As many of you know, I will be attending the Rochester Institute of Technology for a Digital Cinema program in the fall. Only 15 students are accepted each year into the program from an international pool, I’m blessed to have gotten in. RIT has the only major of this magnitude in North America, in addition. Winning! I really like being homeschooled and being in high school and the like, but I’m really ready for a challenge. RIT’s a pretty challenging place, I hear. So pumped to start making a life for myself.  *End daydreaming session*

It was a great time, but now that I’m back there’s a lot of new stuff happening! Look for it all to be posted this week, I’m super tired so I’m not going to do it until tomorrow in between classes methinks.


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