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Google Apps! and Epsilon silly persons!

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I just set up Google Apps for this domain, and I’m rather pleased to say that it’s working very, very well. I’m crazy excited, it rocks!

At this point I’m working on custom DNS coding and management, setting up sub pages, group and logs; integrating infrastructure with some of my other Google content and getting everything set up – securely!


Speaking of security…

I got word of the massive Epsilon security breach about a couple days ago and I’ve been doing a bit of research, and I’m not real pleased with what I’m finding.

Basically, here is an example of what happened to me, and you’re probably having a similar scenario; but this is how my info got leaked.


In Spring 2009 I was required to set up an account with the company CollegeBoard.Com in order to register for the SAT’s high school academic tests. Cool beans, no worries there. They made no mention of this Epsilon corporation.


CollegeBoard, without my knowledge gave my information to Epsilon for ‘management’ so that Epsilon could take over the responsibility of sending my junk emails and the like sometime after that.


Spring 2011, Epsilon gets breached, and loses my data.  Data that I was required to provide in order to take a state ordained academic battery test, necessary for college admittance.


CollegeBoard sold my data to Epsilon and is now lost it. All without my knowledge, until several days ago, I got an email saying my information had been exposed.


Mind you, none of this is PI2 class info. (Personally Identifiable Information) But still, this is ridiculous. Epsilon suggests shutting down your exposed email addess and changing ALL of your email credentials, not just ones related to the breach. Do you have any idea how long that’s going to take?

People, be careful of who you give your info to. Most of it is probably being sold behind your back.


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